Deposit and Chill.

Yugen Vaults auto-compound your bags without you having to worry!

  • Our vaults are focused on other DeFi platforms to avoid increasing YGN selling pressure, this way we can assure that all revenue we receive is used to create a price floor and push YGN price in an upward trend.

  • You can check which exchange the vault you are staking in below the LP pair.

  • We are always picky with which platform we use to introduce new vaults, this is to avoid any security breach that may happen, even so new vaults will keep being developed.

Vaults Fees

There is a 7.5% performance fee on the earnings of all vaults, which is used to buyback YGN. 🔥

  • YGN is sent to the Distributor on every compound that happens every 10 minutes!

  • The number of times our vaults auto-compound depends on the strategy to optimize the yield.

  • The rewards are sold and swapped for the token(s) you deposited and then added back to your position. Everything happens automatically, creating passive income moon bags for you!

Our vaults have NO deposit or withdrawal fees.

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