A new generation multi-chain yield farm aggregator.

  1. One yield token to rule them all - All farm tokens in the various yield farm will be given out in YGN.

  2. Yugen Staker - A portion of the protocol rewards will be given out to YGN holders through staking rewards.

  3. fYGN burner - This contract is used to burn fYGN produced in farms and give put YGN token. The amount of YGN given out is determined by your share of the total supply of fYGN.

  4. YGN Distributor- All the revenue will be sent to the YGN converter and used to buy back YGN tokens and then redistributed.

  5. Bonds - YGN will be linearly vest to buy USDC, BTC, LPs and other assets from users to become less reliant on maintaining TVL.

  6. Vaults - Vaults will be created to auto-compound LP tokens every 5 mins. Fees will be sent to the YUGEN Convertor

  7. Reward Manager - YGN tokens through farms will not be given all at once and will be linearly vested.

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