YGN will be used to bond liquidity to the protocol

Users can buy YGN token by selling Erc20 tokens(Reserve bonds or Liquidity bonds). Bonds take roughly 7 days to vest, and YGN tokens are vested linearly to the user over that period. Liquidity bonds help the protocol to accumulate and lock liquidity, while reserve bonds allow the protocol to grow its treasury, and thus its generate yield as income.

Why bond with Yugen Finance?

  1. Liquidty Bonding- Since Yugen Finance has a fixed supply. Farming is not a long term solution as Staking YGN-USDC for YGN as farm does not generate any yield and does not facilitate buybacks needed to continue the cycle. See Game Theroy.

  2. Reserve Bonds - In the long term its better for the protocol to buy reserve bonds and own the liquidity rather than "renting" it through single asset pools. YGN will be used to buy Stable coins, MATIC, BTC, FTM and ETH

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